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Robert Faurisson

Prof Robert Faurisson outside the Paris courtroom
Prof Robert Faurisson outside the Paris court

December 26th video:
Faurisson guest of honour at Zénith de Paris show given by famous French comedian Dieudonné


Le Journal du Dimanche, 28th December
France's only Sunday newspaper reports on Faurisson in Paris

New video trailer: Töben and Faurisson in London

Faurisson taken off air in mid-interview: read the full transcript here in English translation

Faurisson interviewed in Tehran -
new English translation

latest from Paris - Prof Faurisson comments on the appeal verdict in the Sahar case

Italian university closes campus in effort to gag Faurisson

Prof Faurisson appeals in the Sahar 1 case - May 30, 2007

Prof Faurisson versus former Justice Minister Robert Badinter

Robert Faurisson, former professor of literature at the University of Lyon, is arguably the most famous and dedicated holocaust revisionist in the world.

He first began to question the orthodox version of Holocaust history in 1974. An international scandal erupted after his letters on the subject to the leading French newspaper Le Monde led to his criminal conviction in 1979.

Particular publicity was given worldwide to the fact that Prof Faurisson was defended by Noam Chomsky, the legendary Jewish intellectual.

Chomsky currently writes on his website:
A professor of French literature was suspended from teaching on grounds that he could not be protected from violence, after privately printing pamphlets questioning the existence of gas chambers. He was then brought to trial for "falsification of History," and later condemned for this crime, the first time that a modern Western state openly affirmed the Stalinist-Nazi doctrine that the state will determine historical truth and punish deviation from it. Later he was beaten practically to death by Jewish terrorists. As of now, the European and other intellectuals have not expressed any opposition to these scandals; rather, they have sought to disguise their profound commitment to Stalinist-Nazi doctrine by following the same models, trying to divert attention with a flood of outrageous lies.

The latest of these "outrageous lies" was the claim by former French Justice Minister Robert Badinter that his efforts had led to Prof Faurisson being labelled by the courts as a "falsifier of history".

In March and April 2007 Prof Faurisson sued Badinter, pointing out that no court had ever convicted him for falsifying history.

We have now published an account of this audacious move, which took the fight for real history into the enemy's camp.

On May 30th Prof Faurisson was again in court, appealing against an extraordinary judgment which had found him criminally liable for comments made to an Iranian journalist. Read about this amazing case here.

The latest English translation of Prof Faurisson's work is now available from Historical Review Press.

View the cover of this book - Pope Pius XII's Revisionism - here.


Robert Faurisson

Who is Robert Faurisson?

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