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Le Pen - "no gas chambers at Auschwitz"

Jean-Marie Le Pen
Jean-Marie Le Pen

click here for an update on the case of French revisionist Georges Theil

The French political phenomenon Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was runner-up in the presidential election of 2002, supported by five and a half million French voters, has once again stepped into the breach to defy the increasingly authoritarian French laws restricting discussion of the alleged 'Holocaust'.

(Last year Lady Renouf discussed the 2007 Le Pen campaign in a live television debate with the American Prof. George Lambrakis, a former CIA officer. The debate can be viewed here.)

In 1987 M. Le Pen was fined 1.2 million francs for describing the 'Holocaust' as a detail of history.

Now he risks a further thought crime prosecution, having replied to a Bretons magazine interviewer's question about nazi killings in death camps:

But that is what you believe. I don't feel obliged to adhere to that view.

I observe that in Auschwitz there was the IG Farben factory, there were 80,000 labourers working there. As far as I know they were not gassed, anyway, nor burned.

LICRA - the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism - has already said it plans to take Le Pen to court for his latest remarks.

Together with other "anti-racist" organisations, LICRA has previously taken part in prosecutions of Prof. Robert Faurisson and the revisionist author Georges Theil.

The main strategy of the enemies of historical truth in France has been to use heavy fines and legal expenses to bully revisionists into silence. Let us hope that this latest intervention by Jean-Marie Le Pen signals the start of a long overdue counter-attack, and that those with the means to do so will provide adequate financial support for the embattled champions of free enquiry.

Georges Theil's book
The book which led to Georges Theil's prosecution

Georges Theil's book in French is available from the address below for €13 per copy, including postage to all European Union countries (+ Switzerland and Norway). Likewise the English version: price €20 (or 25 USD), postage outside Europe included.

G. Theil
BP 50-38
F-38037 Grenoble Cedex 2

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