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Londoners defy Zionist imperialism

British government fails to stop anti-war march

Lady Renouf on the Stop the War march
4,000 anti-war demonstrators marched from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, like his predecessor Tony Blair, is keen to pose as the champion of human rights from Basra to Burma. But when confronted on his own doorstep by determined opponents of Bush-Blair-Brown subservience to Israel, the Prime Minister suddenly seemed less keen on the freedom to protest.

London's Metropolitan Police used an archaic Victorian law from 1839 in an effort to ban the Stop the War Coalition's march on October 8th. This obscure statute banned protests within the environs of the Palace of Westminster while Parliament was in session - the very time when one would have thought it most appropriate to protest.


Observer columnist Henry Porter attends Stop the War demo
Observer columnist Henry Porter condemned Gordon Brown's hypocrisy
and joined the anti-war marchers

While most British journalists remained supine in the face of this assault on Britons' liberties, a brave few spoke out - including Observer columnist Henry Porter, who is also London editor of Vanity Fair magazine and (appropriately enough) author of Lies Damned Lies, a study of truthfulness in British journalism.

Mr Porter condemned Brown's hypocrisy and defended the proposed march, concluding:
I am sure that tomorrow there will be many who want to see how all this works, and find themselves in Parliament Square looking for a cup of tea. I hope so because, as I have said many times, we need constantly to remind this government of our rights.

We were pleased to see that Mr Porter, no armchair commentator, turned out on the march himself!

4,000 demonstrators heeded the call to remind the British government of our rights, and the Metropolitan Police (or rather their political masters) backed down to avoid the embarrassment of mass civil disobedience. More importantly they reminded our rulers that not all Britons' are prepared to tolerate our armed forces becoming the servants of Zionist imperialism. And perhaps most important of all, the broad coalition assembled for this Stop the War march included some who were prepared to make the connection between the attempted denial of our rights in London and the (so far) successful denial of basic human rights in European courts to others who confront the deceptions perpetrated by our rulers and their masters.

Lady Renouf was interviewed in front of the Houses of Parliament by German station NDR
Prime Minister Gordon Brown failed to ban the anti-war march

In Parliament Square, directly in front of the Houses of Parliament, Lady Michèle Renouf was approached by the German television station NDR. The NDR interviewer's first question (amid the din of chants and drums from the passing marchers) was why Lady Renouf had attended this event.

Lady Renouf replied: "The same Socratic right to uphold reason for which every year I attend your trials in Mannheim of non-violent prisoners of conscience like Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf, who are denied their right of free scientific enquiry and even imprisoned for expressing their rational opinions on real history versus propaganda myth. The proven lie of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was brought to us by the very same myth-addling people who exact a veto on any other version of historical debate save their pro-Zionist version."

Ernst Zundel Germar Rudolf
German reporters covering the London march were told that the Stop the War
march and the campaigns to free Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf are
part of the same cause, confronting the same enemy

The reporter suggested that was surely another subject, but Lady Renouf pointed out that clearly both were pro-Zionist deceptions linked to the same goal. Look at today's case at the Central Criminal Court of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian shot dead by British police, and how we hear no more of the earlier boasting of the deadly fact that Israeli operatives are training and influencing our police in the Zionist shoot to kill policy.

Asked whether there was any difference between Blair and Brown in power, Lady Renouf said that both were clearly pro-Zionist rulers, as all British Prime Ministers have been since Disraeli.

"Do you hope that this demonstration will influence Prime Minister Brown?" the reporter asked. "No - I hope that it will influence our servicemen to stay at home. Already in World War II, on both sides, we lost too many brave men and women. Otherwise we would have millions more accompanying us bravely standing firm against pro-Zionist, Biblically aggressive influence. As Bertrand Russell (founder of CND which is the co-sponsor of today's march) said on his deathbed in 1970: 'Every [Israeli] expansion is an exercise to discover how much more aggression the world will tolerate.'"

Clearly surprised by some of the replies, the interviewer commented that Lady Renouf seemed very politically aware, so she pointed him in the direction of a fellow marcher, the webmaster of www.jailingopinions.com!

Thousands march on Parliament

Video from the Stop the War march

George Galloway denounces
Iran invasion plans

Tony Benn confirms 'illegal' march
will go ahead

Lindsey German warns that withdrawal of British troops
could merely lead to stage two against Iran

(also read Lindsey German's blog on 'The Blame Game' against Iran)

Thousands march on Parliament

British police disgraced by their Israeli
terror 'shoot to kill' training tactics

Jean Charle de Menezes shot dead on London tube train

London's Metropolitan Police finds itself in the dock at the Old Bailey after innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead at Stockwell tube station in July 2005.

At the start of the trial the jury heard that Scotland Yard detectives were trained in state-sponsored terror tactics by Israeli experts. British officials once boasted about this Israeli expertise, but after the embarrassment and disgrace of the Menezes shooting the Israeli connection was never again mentioned - until now, when officers are forced to tell the truth under oath.

The case continues.

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