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Free Ernst Zündel!

Free Ernst Zundel - German Embassy demo in London

More than seventy demonstrators assembled outside the German Embassy in London on August 11th to call for the release of the jailed Canadian revisionist author and publisher Ernst Zündel, who has been given a five year jail sentence in Germany for "crimes" which are no offence in Britain, Canada or the USA.

Peter Rushton addresses the Embassy demo JailingOpinions.com webmaster Peter Rushton called on Britons to demand justice for Zündel, and to resist the imposition of similar laws in our own country - as planned by German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries.

Richard Edmonds addressing the demonstration in support of Ernst Zundel

Veteran campaigner Richard Edmonds said that German diplomats in the Embassy opposite should be ashamed of their country's denial of natural justice in the Zündel case.

Peter Rushton addressing the demonstration
Peter Rushton suggested to the London police who were observing the demonstration that they should consult their Canadian colleagues about the anarchist / animal rights terrorists Thurston and Barbarash, who bombed Ernst Zündel's Toronto home. The Jewish-funded bombers had ties to British terrorists of a similar ilk.

The Truth Will Set Us Free

The Embassy demonstration was attended by members of many different political movements - many of whom brought their families.

Lady Renouf with a young team of Zundel supporters

Lady Renouf with some of Ernst Zündel's young British supporters.

Richard Edmonds addressing the demo
Richard Edmonds also appears on Lady Renouf's DVD Jailing Opinions

The following text was part of one of the leaflets handed out at the London demonstration

Ernst Zündel lived as a peaceful and law abiding citizen in Canada for forty years. His wife Ingrid Rimland is an American citizen who likewise has broken no American or Canadian laws.

Yet earlier this year Ernst Zündel was deported to Germany under “national security” laws and given a five year jail sentence. Why?

Germany is one of nine European Union countries which criminalise the expression of unorthodox historical views. The British historian David Irving served ten months in an Austrian prison for similar offences last year; German scientist Germar Rudolf is currently imprisoned; while a further case is pending against the 78-year-old French professor Robert Faurisson.

These cases matter to all Britons. The treatment of these writers and scholars would be an outrage in any civilised society. But there is a special reason why all Britons should be seriously concerned - these oppressive laws could be coming here!

We now know that Britain was taken to war in Iraq on the basis of lies. Yet the laws
which imprisoned Ernst Zündel forbid serious questions from being asked about the
earlier and even bloodier war which devastated Europe between 1939 and 1945.

They forbid free enquiry into the details of the alleged Holocaust of six million European Jews, which led to the foundation of the state of Israel.

So in effect they forbid investigation of the historical experience which formed today’s world. And the European Union is now discussing proposals to enforce
identical laws right across the continent - including here in Britain!

More Free Zündel events will be held around Britain in the near future
- watch this space for details!

Details of the Free Zündel meeting which followed the demonstration will be posted here shortly.

Free Ernst Zundel

in a letter to his wife dated January 29th Ernst Zündel wrote:

Es geht aufwärts - Things are looking up! That may seem like gallows humour in my situation - a day or two away from being convicted to a prison term worse than violent rapists, dope pushers, and child molesters are given. Ingrid, rest assured - the outcry caused by the severity of the sentence will reverberate around the world and keep this case and the issues NOT dealt with squarely on the table. These people do not understand the dynamics at work. They are, like so many Germans, still victims of their induced-by-indoctrination Weltbild, all the while accusing me and [my attorneys] of the most vile intentions. Sometimes I think I am in a time warp...


Lady Renouf and Doug Christie

Ernst Zündel's Canadian attorney Douglas Christie presents Lady Michèle Renouf with the 20th annual George Orwell Free Speech Award from the Canadian Free Speech League

latest from the Zündel case

On April 12th the Canadian Supreme Court, without giving its reasons, refused to hear Ernst Zündel's appeal against his two year detention and deportation from Canada to Germany in 2005.

The appeal was refused despite the fact that the "security certificate" law under which Zündel was deported was ruled unconstitutional in February this year, conveniently too late to save the only man it had ever been used against, who by then was beginning his five year prison sentence in Germany!

Ernst Zündel's U.S. lawyers have now begun an appeal against his earlier deportation from the U.S. to Canada, citing constitutional issues relating to his U.S. immigration status - he is married to U.S. citizen Ingrid Rimland - and revelations of political bias on the part of two of the three judges who heard his case.

Meanwhile further hearings

For more details about the background to the Zündel case, visit the ZundelSite.


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