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Zündel freed from Mannheim jail

Prisoner of conscience released after seven years

Ernst Zündel greeted by wellwishers including (left to right) Lady Renouf,
Dr. Rigolf Hennig, and Dr. Herbert Schaller

On 1st March 2010 Ernst Zündel was released from Mannheim prison, having served more than seven years in various jails in the United States, Canada and Germany. His "crime" was to publish unorthodox views about the history of the Second World War and the alleged "Holocaust" of six million European Jews.

A video report on Ernst Zündel's release will be online shortly.

Meanwhile here is a message posted today by Lady Renouf to the British historian David Irving.

Dear David,

Please allow me to correct your impression that:

"Judging by the photos, he has emerged from prison a stooped, gray-haired and half-broken man, though with his humor intact."

First-hand, I am happy to report that Ernst Zündel emerged from prison on March 1st not in the least a "stooped" man! Quite the contrary. He emerged smiling and upright in stance (and statements) though burdened by bouquets (see pic attached).

Ernst stepped straight up, warmly confident, to greet each and every friend who had turned up at Mannheim Prison's gate to express their gratitude for his role-model "unbowed" fibre. As we drove this eagle-eyed owl to his Black Forest ancestral lair, he keenly declared (on film) that:

"they used to have a critic; now they have an enemy".





World's media on Zündel release

Ernst Zundel released from Mannheim, interviewed by AP, seen here with Dr Herbert Schaller
Ernst Zündel interviewed by AP outside Mannheim prison, together with his lawyer Dr. Herbert Schaller (centre in green jacket)

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