Horst Mahler Rescue Fund – Press Release

A 79 year old lawyer languishes in the German prison system, serving a 29 year sentence (later aggregated to 10 years 4 months) for having the temerity to deny the official view of the so-called ‘Holocaust’he has spent the last six years cooped up in a prison cell, and faces at least a further four years of incarceration – with the possibility of an additional five years beyond.  His health is bad and due to complications caused by diabetes while in prison, his left foot and half of his lower leg recently became gangrenous and needed to be amputated.  Yet despite his age and this amputation, the German authorities are implacable that he must serve the entirety of his sentence. 

Who is this man?  We are talking here of Horst Mahler, a brilliant lawyer, philosopher, author, and political activist.  He is a controversial figure.  In his early years he was on ‘the extreme left’ and as a practicing lawyer whose clients included the Red Army Faction, (RAF), and defended Rudi Dutschke, Peter Brandt (son of Willy Brandt, German Chancellor), and Andreas Baader & Gudrun Ensslin (of the Baader Meinhof Group).  He fled into exile for RAF activities and trained with the PLO in the Middle East to fight International Zionism.  On returning to Germany he was arrested and imprisoned, but was released after serving two-thirds of his sentence and allowed to return to practicing law through the good offices of and pressure applied by prominent left wingers including his then attorney Gerhard Schroeder (later to become Socialist Chancellor of Germany).  He became a successful business lawyer.

 His political journey has now taken him to the ‘extreme Right’ where he has helped various Nationalist groups including the NPD and the Nationalist Cause in general.  He challenges the dogma of the events that are supposed to have taken place 70 years ago, including the allegation that the Germans murdered 6 million Jews during the Second World War in an unique mass murder weapon whose scientific feasibility has yet to be proven. Legal dictates forbid scientific investigation. In Germany, however, as across much of mainland Europe, it is a criminal offence to question the misnomer ‘Holocaust’ saga. Accordingly Mahler has been charged with “Holocaust denial”, and sentenced to 29 (aggregated finally to ten years and four months). Mahler is an intrepid fellow. At his trial he said to the judges, “Your Honours, I don’t believe in the “Holocaust” and I know that you don’t either”.

Attorney Horst Mahler was asked on German Television by a mystified interviewer how he could justify his quantum leap in politics from the far left to the far right?  Mahler, in his usual imperturbable manner, smoothly replied; “But I’ve always been against the USA and Israel.”  

The latest legal proceedings against Mahler relate to his philosophical book analysing the earlier publication The Wandering Who? by the anti-Zionist activist and Israeli-born musician Gilad Atzmon.  For his non-aggressive critique of Atzmon’s ideas, Mahler could receive an additional five years prison sentence.     

Reported widely in German newspapers in July 2015 – even as Mahler laid critically ill – the German authority’s only (distasteful) concern was to prepare banning orders against public memorial events as if his death was a foregone conclusion (which could hardly helped the man’s recovery)! 


All across Europe free research, normal historical revision and expression of opinion are under attack: those who still dare to speak the truth are being punished by having their livelihoods taken away and by being imprisoned.  What’s more, even their lawyers are being imprisoned and forbidden to practice their profession for the ‘crime’ of merely defending their clients too vigorously!     

Draconian laws against free speech already exist in France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic and these laws are spreading to more and more countries.  All questioning of the misnomer ‘Holocaust’ is being criminalised.  Horst Mahler is merely the latest in a long line of heroic martyrs to Free Speech – some of the more famous include: the French University professor, Robert Faurisson; the French academic Bruno Gollnisch; the French school teacher, Vincent Reynouard; the Spanish book-publisher, Pedro Varela; the German scientist, Germar Rudolf; the German-Canadian artist and publisher, Ernst Zundel; Ernst Zundel’s lady lawyer, Sylvia Stolz, jailed for three and a half years for attempting to defend her client in court; the British Historian, David Irving sentenced to three years’ imprisonment in Austria for an off-the-cuff remark about “eye-witnesses”; and the French MEP Jean Marie Le Pen is again in trouble for saying that World War Two was not about ‘the Holocaust’. 

 Horst Mahler is 79 years’ old and ill, and in such circumstances he would normally be allowed to go home on parole – he certainly would be if he were still on the extreme left. The only reason this Man is denied parole is because he will not permit the amputation also of his Honour.

The German prosecutor’s intent is to ensure Horst Mahler’s certain death in prison.

To support the campaign for free opinion and historical enquiry; to support the humanitarian campaign for this lawyer’s freedom, TELLING FILMS has prepared a new DVD release: “JAILING THE LAWYERS” – an unique conversation with Germany attorney HORST MAHLER.  This DVD will be given, FREE, to those who will give a donation to this RESCUE fundraising being launched worldwide. The Rescue is about paying Horst Mahler’s lawyer who must defend the challenge from the Prosecutor to have his freedom revoked, and also to help fund the adaptation of his home to his handicapped condition.

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