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21st Century 'Heresy'

Holocaust scepticism is the one unpardonable 'sin'

Bishop Richard Williamson

We live in an age of moral relativism. Behaviour that would have horrified every previous generation is now celebrated. Beliefs held sacrosanct for two millennia are openly mocked.

Even the Church of Rome, once a beacon of consistency, has cringed before modern (and post-modern) liberal trends since the Second Vatican Council, held from 1962 to 1965.

There is one single exception to this trend, and a single exception to the far older and more honourable tradition of source sceptical enquiry. The events known as the Holocaust are immune from critical investigation, it is assumed that one version of those events is an absolute and eternal truth, and any judgment of that period of history which diverges from the orthodox line is regarded as an unforgiveable moral outrage.

Bishop Richard Williamson, a Cambridge-educated Englishman, has been literally demonised by the media, by Jews, by the Left, and by elements within his own church in recent weeks, ever since giving an interview to Swedish television in which he expressed his views that no Jews were killed in gas chambers and that the total Jewish death toll in the wartime camps was around 300,000.

A Vatican spokesman has said:
"There is no room for such views in the Catholic Church. They are totally unacceptable."

Literally demonised: Bishop Williamson is portrayed as the Devil (and the Pope as in league with the Devil)

Authorities in Argentina, where Bishop Williamson was director of a Catholic seminary, expelled him from the country on a visa technicality, while letting it be known that in reality he was being punished for his opinions.

Though he has humbly pledged to reconsider his views in the light of any new evidence his opponents can provide, German leftists at a carnival in Dusseldorf portrayed the Bishop as the Devil.

On returning to his native Britain, Bishop Williamson's return was met by a near-riot of press at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5.

Damian Thompson of the Catholic Herald and Ruth Gledhill of The Times have seized the opportunity to attack the traditionalist Society of St Pius X to which Bishop Williamson belongs, while insisting that there can be no rational discussion of the views the bishop holds.

Their argument seems unChristian, though very much in the spirit of the Stockholm International Forum 2000 in its guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust, which stated:
Care must be taken not to give a platform for deniers... or seek to disprove the deniers' position through normal historical debate and rational argument.

Note that the advocates of this new religion of Holocaustianity resist the invasion of reason onto their sacred turf.

Whatever our religion, those who are interested in historical truth underpinned by free and fearless research must trust that (in whatever direction his views develop) Bishop Williamson will continue in the fine tradition of St Thomas Aquinas, holding reason as a true gift from God complementary to faith.

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