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Police chief's "neo-nazi" fairy tale

Catholic bishop demonised for 'Holocaust denial'

Bishop Richard Williamson

Ruth Gledhill, religion correspondent of The Times, provided an inadvertent lesson in the importance of source critical revisionism on 23rd January. This week she has devoted several Times Online articles to attacking the traditionalist Catholic Society of St Pius X, which after many years of excommunication has been readmitted to the Roman Catholic communion.

Jewish groups have objected to this rapprochement between the Vatican and the Society, charging inter alia that the Society has promoted anti-semitism and that one of its bishops, Richard Williamson, is a "holocaust denier". Ms Gledhill details these charges, and provides a link to a Swedish television exposé of the Society broadcast last week. Bishop Williamson is reported to be facing investigation under Germany's notorious anti-revisionist laws, which have already imprisoned scientist Germar Rudolf, publisher Ernst Zundel, and lawyer Sylvia Stolz.

Not content with such attacks, Ms Gledhill descends to guilt by association, but quickly embarrasses herself and her newspaper. After noting that the Society has a seminary in Bavaria, she adds the parenthetical observation that "a chief of police in Bavaria has incidentally recently survived a stabbing by a neo-Nazi. The officer has been fighting fascism for years and in July his force dug up a body that had been buried in a Nazi flag."

Ms Gledhill is referring to Alois Mannichl, police chief in the Bavarian town of Passau, who was injured in a stabbing at his home in mid-December. The case was swiftly exploited by German politicians, who insisted that all Bavarian children would be forced to visit a concentration camp site as part of their school curriculum.

Alois Mannichl - Passau police chief

Yet within days of this "educational" announcement, it was revealed that the attack on Mr Mannichl may have had nothing to do with politics at all. It turns out that the police chief was stabbed with a cake knife from his own kitchen, and investigators are looking into the possibility that the affair may have been a domestic incident, with the "neo-Nazi" story invented afterwards.

Had Ms Gledhill researched the facts of the case before rushing into print, she would have discovered that scepticism about the attack was already published in German newspapers more than two weeks before her own uncritical and outdated article appeared. Such scepticism has now been officially endorsed: the German authorities have confirmed that they are no longer looking for the mythical tattooed skinhead supposedly responsible for the stabbing.

Perhaps Ms Gledhill and other Times journalists (as well as Bavarian politicians) will learn from this case that a sceptical approach to sources is necessary, especially when dealing with controversial historical and political topics. But perhaps that would be too much to expect, especially in a Europe which accepts that writers should be imprisoned for such scepticism.

Ms Gledhill's counterpart at the Daily Telegraph, Catholic journalist and author Damian Thompson, has now added a hysterical column stating that he does not "wish to belong to the same church" as Bishop Williamson or anyone who refuses to condemn his Holocaust revisionism. Further confirmation that Holocaustianity is now the official European religion, and revisionism the 21st century heresy.


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Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Article 19: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

2008 is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Independent filmmaker Rex Bloomstein has produced An Independent Mind to mark this anniversary.

The film was broadcast in the U.K. on More 4 at 10 pm on Tuesday December 9th, and a report on its screening at the Royal Society of Arts can be read here.

Tom Sutcliffe, TV critic of The Independent, commented:

Rex Bloomstein's An Independent Mind, shown in the True Stories strand, was a tribute to backbone, too, profiling eight individuals who, whatever you thought of their views, had shown a certain resilience in expressing them. It opened with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that "everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression", and it implicitly defended that right without dodging the fact that there's nothing in the text that says the opinions must be nice or tasteful.

...Most significantly, he ended his film with David Irving, imprisoned in Austria for speeches about the Holocaust and Hitler. He predicted on screen that this was a decision for which many of his friends would criticise him, but he was absolutely right to do it. Even for offensive opinions, contradiction is the cure, not gagging.

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